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What if you didn't smile to hide your pain because there was no longer anything to hide? Just because you have a diagnosis doesn’t mean you know what’s really wrong with you.

You are not your disease!

Don’t believe it? I didn’t either! Now that we're entering a time when medicine is finally focusing on the person and their uniqueness instead of on the disease itself, there's real hope. We're deepening our understanding of disease and the role individual differences play in determining illness.

See how I've changed my life & how I can help you change yours, too.

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Exploring the Gluten-free Diet

Stef shares how she removed gluten from her diet to treat inflammation and health issues, and how that led her back to school and to a new career helping others.

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Avoiding Household Toxins

Health expert Stefanie Freeman explains why some everyday care items might not be so good for you. Discover what alternatives are available to help you live a healthier life.

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Feel the Love for Stef

“Stefanie has transformed her own life at a core level in a very practical and natural way. And, one of the beautiful things I love about her is her commitment to educate and guide others toward greater health and happiness.”

Dr. Janine Lex
Dr. Janine Lex, Vitality! Functional Medicine

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